*Group Lessons

.ROCK.Out.Loud group lessons will be open to 4-8 clients per session. Each group lesson is themed differently each week and will provide clients with the opportunity to perform with different Rock Instruments (Drum Set, Guitars, Bass, Vocal Mics, Keyboards) and also provide the opportunity to interact socially with other clients. We gear the group lessons to be more laid back and focus on developing Social Skills through the art of music. Clients will also be provided with some Fine Motor and Gross Motor exercise with the actual playing of the instruments, taught how to appropriately take turns, follow verbal directions, and we will be trying to provide unprompted socialization with staff and other clients.

Contact us about our group rates through our contact page. Each and every inquiry is treated fairly and rates are determined based on the the length of the session, amount of clients, and the frequency (monthly, weekly, etc.)

**Individual Lessons

.ROCK.Out.Loud private lessons will be provided to clients who are interested in learning how to play a specific instrument: drums, bass, guitar, and piano. Each client will be taught the basics including the parts of the instrument, proper care and cleaning, as well as playing the instrument. The lessons are not focused on theory or even reading music at first. The goals of the private lessons are to get the clients able to play the instrument appropriately, be creative with writing, and also learning how to play songs.

We have instructors who are willing to travel in order to make the learning experience more productive in a comfortable environment. We also have facilities in which the instruction could take place outside of the home.


1/2 hour private lesson-$35

1 hour private lesson-$50